Discipline Tips For Your Child

Having a hard time disciplining your troublesome children? Worry no more. Just follow these simple tips to discipline your child.


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  1. david biodun-kasumu said...
    child's discipline is a great deal of job,it brings reward when it is properly done.There is an adage in my place,which says "an untrained child will sell out the fortune that you have labored to build.
    Am very happy seeing a site like this one,teaching parents on ways to nurture theier children.When our children are well trained we would have a better society and our future is secured.
    shouting,screaming,hitting the children will do more harm than help.They may even pretend out of fear to listen to you,but at you back will do something worse.
    Parents need to patiently explain their mind to their children,and be understanding with them.Don't compare your children with others.
    My site www.wwwweesandpoos.blogspot.com also support the author of this blog in many ways.

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